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Drunken Pumpkin

Drunken Pumpkin

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Not your basic pumpkin spice.

Drunken Pumpkin soap features real pumpkin puree, great for your skin with alpha hydroxy acids (AHAs), which increase cell turnover, to brighten and smooth the skin. Pumpkin contains antioxidant Vitamin A and Vitamin C to help soften and soothe the skin and boost collagen production to prevent the signs of aging.

The scent carries notes of aged bourbon, dark rum, and vanilla. Perfect way to get in the mood for these chilly autumn days.

Bath Omens soaps are crafted from scratch in small batches using what is known as cold process method. I take care to use only high quality oils (palm free) and additives to ensure a lovely treat for your skin. Soaps weigh between 4.5-5 oz each and fit nicely in your hand. 

This bar contains:
Olive oil, water, coconut oil, refined shea butter, sodium hydroxide, castor oil, natural fragrance oils, vegan mica colorants, and natural pumpkin color

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